Salcomp to Double Workforce in India for iPhone Charger Production

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Salcomp Introduction:
Salcomp, a leading supplier of chargers for Apple’s iPhone, has announced plans to double its workforce in India over the next 2-3 years. This move will bring the company’s total workforce in India to 25,000, making it one of the largest employers in the country.


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Salcomp, which is based in Finland, has been a supplier of chargers for Apple’s iPhone since its launch in 2007. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations in India, where it now has multiple manufacturing facilities.


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Expansion Plans:
The company’s plans to double its workforce in India will include the addition of new facilities and the expansion of existing ones. The company has stated that the expansion will be focused on increasing its production capacity and improving the efficiency of its operations.

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Impact on India:
The expansion of Salcomp in India will have a significant impact on the country’s economy. With 25,000 new jobs being created, it will provide a boost to India’s employment market and help to spur economic growth in the region. Additionally, the investment in new facilities will help to develop the local infrastructure and support the growth of the region’s manufacturing sector.


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The expansion of Salcomp in India is a positive development for both the company and the country. With its increased workforce and investment in new facilities, the company will be better positioned to meet the growing demand for iPhone chargers. At the same time, the creation of 25,000 new jobs and the boost to the local economy will have a positive impact on the people of India.

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