25 Captivating Midjourney Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity 2023

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Midjourney Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

Midjourney, an exceptional AI art generator, has captured the attention of artists and enthusiasts alike with its remarkable ability to transform the text into visually stunning images. With its expansive customization options and artistic potential, Midjourney opens up a world of creative possibilities. In this article, we present 25 captivating Midjourney prompts that will inspire your imagination and allow you to unleash your artistic prowess. Get ready to embark on a creative journey like no other!

1. Shakespeare Reimagined:


Imagine a Shakespearean stage play brought to life with a yellow mist, atmospheric ambiance, captivating set design by Michel Crête, and mesmerizing aerial acrobatics designed by André Simard. Let Midjourney transport you to this hyperrealistic, 4K-rendered world. (Prompt details: -ar 9:16 –uplight)

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2. Volumetric Moon Knight:


Witness the mystical transformation of Moon Knight as he dissolves into swirling sand, surrounded by volumetric dust and cinematic lighting. This close-up portrait prompt will add an air of mystery and intrigue to your Midjourney creations. (Prompt details: -ar 1:2 —q 2)

3. Ethereal Bohemian Waxwing Bird:


Bring the ethereal beauty of a Bohemian Waxwing bird to life with intricate details and an ornate, detailed illustration style reminiscent of Johanna Rupprecht or William Morris. This prompt, trending on ArtStation, will captivate viewers with its stunning visual appeal. (Prompt details: -ar 9:16)

4. Steampunk Cat:


Unleash your imagination with a steampunk-inspired cat creation. Utilize Midjourney’s hyperrealistic rendering capabilities to craft a feline masterpiece that blends Victorian aesthetics with futuristic elements. (Prompt details: -ar 2:3 –q 2)

5. The World in 100 Years:


Transport your audience to a future world, rich in intricate and highly detailed visuals. With this prompt, explore your vision of how the world might look a century from now. Push the boundaries of imagination with Midjourney’s customization options. (Prompt details: -ar 9:16 –chaos 25 –s 5000 –q 2)

6. Hatter in Wonderland:


Reimagine the iconic tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland with an adult Alice and the enigmatic Hatter. Create a hyper-detailed movie still, complete with a wooden table filled with teacups, cannabis plants, flying weed, and playful cards suspended in the air. Let Midjourney capture the essence of this whimsical setting. (Prompt details: -ar 3:2 –v 5 –s 1000 –q 2)

7. Venice in a Carnival:


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Venice during a carnival. Let Midjourney bring your fantastical composition to life with colorful and eye-catching visuals, symmetrical arrangements, navy and aquamarine hues, distinctive noses, gothic references, and a spiraling group. Embrace expressive styling and create an unforgettable Midjourney masterpiece. (Prompt details: -ar 804:1344 –upanime –niji 5 –s 250 –v 5)

8. Unsettling Egyptian Mummy:


Challenge the boundaries of art and unsettle viewers with a beautifully terrifying depiction of an Egyptian mummy. Capture the essence of decay and elegance as the mummy emerges from a sarcophagus, lunging at the viewer. Utilize soft ambient lighting, composition techniques like the rule of thirds, and inspiration from artists like Joel-Peter Witkin, Diane Arbus, Rhiannon, and Mike

9. Knitting Grandma


A grandmotherly Fate sits on a cozy cosmic throne knitting with mirrored threads of time, the solar system spins like clockwork behind her as she knits the futures of people together like an endless collage of destiny, maximalism, cinematic quality, sharp – focus, intricate details

10. The Ocean at Your Door

This simple yet elegant AI art proves that the best Midjourney prompt doesn’t need to span paragraphs long.


Bedroom melting into the ocean, 4k

11. A Cloud with Planes


A cloud with several airplanes flying around on top, in the style of detailed fantasy art, nightcore, quiet moments captured in paint, radiant clusters, i can’t believe how beautiful this is, detailed character design, dark cyan, and light crimson –niji 5 –

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12. The Queen of Crows

The Queen of Crows is one my personal favorite Midjourney prompts and one that renders a beautiful piece of AI art.


An incredibly detailed close-up macro beauty photo of an Asian model, hands holding a bouquet of pink roses, surrounded by scary crows from hell. Shot on a Hasselblad medium format camera with a 100mm lens. Unmistakable to a photograph. Cinematic lighting. Photographed by Tim Walker, trending on 500px –ar 4:5 –s 750 –niji 5 –v 5 –q2

13. Helmet Girl


The player is wearing an astronaut helmet, in the style of cyberpunk dystopia, 32k UHD, woman core, bronze and amber, dreamlike settings, gore core, ivan albright –ar 107:53 –v 5

14. Game Island


Game-Art | An island with different geographical properties and multiple small cities floating in space::10 Island | Floating island in space – waterfalls over the edge of the island falling into space – island fragments floating around the edge of the island::6 Details | Mountain Ranges – Deserts – Snowy Landscapes – Small Villages – one larger city::8 Environment | Galaxy – in deep space – other universes can be seen in the distance::2 Style | Unreal Engine 5 – 8K UHD – Highly Detailed – Game-Art::7—ar 16:9 —s 1000 –v 5

15. Scarlet Peace


One of the most realistic AI art pieces we have come across, this is by far one of the best midjourney prompts.

shot from the top, a party costume woman in water with her face covered by melted red ice, in the style of Jennifer rubell, experimental filmmaking, Louise bourgeois, aerial abstractions, dusan djukaric, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, realistic –ar 16:9

16. Conquering the Ocean


a warrior sitting on a giant creature and riding it in the water, with wings spread wide in the water, camera positioned just above the water to capture this beautiful scene, surface showing intricate details of the creature’s scales, fins, and wings, majesty, Hero rides on the creature in the water, digitally enhanced, enhanced graphics, straight, sharp focus, bright lighting, closeup, cinematic, Bronze, Azure, blue, ultra highly detailed, 18k, sharp focus, bright photo with rich colors, full coverage of a scene, straight view shot –ar 16:9 –v5

17. Ship in Turmoil


A real photographic landscape painting with incomparable reality, Super wide, Ominous sky, Sailing boat, Wooden boat, Lotus, Huge waves, Starry night, Harry Potter, Volumetric lighting, Clearing, Realistic, James gurney, art station –ar 9:16

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18. Religion Reinvented


Out-of-this-world impressionist oil painting of an awe-inspiring cyber Christ hanging from a techno cross::5 The Jesus on the cross has intricate futuristic cybernetic implants and faces a congregation of exulting believers, who worship him. The crowd stands in adoration of Him, hands rising. Inside a huge futuristic techno cathedral::4, The mood is futuristic, ceremonial, and grandiose. Cyberpunk, sci-fi, neo-futuristic. ::3 Dark ambiance, light rays shine from the tall stained glass windows, volume lighting, dramatic lighting, cinematic lighting. Ultra-wide shot, DOF. impressionist, oil on canvas, in the style of Claude Monet::3 This an evocative representation of technology as the new faith of humanity, by showing people praying at the altar of technology to a techno Christ, in a traditional impressionistic style. ::2 –no wings, mockup, bad anatomy, text, signature, watermark, username, low resolution, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, blurry, cropped, badly framed –ar 5:7 –c 70 –seed 09493571 –s 600

19. True Evil


An oil painting of the true evil, in the style of trompe – l’œil illusionistic detail, blink–and–you–miss–it detail, wiccan, lithograph, gothic dark and macabre, romantic goth, gothic dark and ornate

20. Solitude


an award-winning heroic shot of a mountain king in a stunning detailed showcase, epic mountain king meditate about life, with a long curly beard, and glowing blue eyes, the cave is like a big dome, with fantastic stalagmites, and stalactites, cinematic lighting, moody lights, heroic pose, in the style of photorealistic fantasy, still from an oscar winning fantasy movie, detailed crown out of rock, shot on Arri Alexa fx, 50mm Zeiss supreme prime lens, clear and sharp focus, shallow DOF, fantasy core, stone core, beautifully color graded, dynamic composition, –ar 16:9 –s 500 –v 5

21. Boat on River


Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies, somebody calls you, and you answer quite slowly, A girl with kaleidoscope eyes, Cellophane flowers of yellow and green Towering over your head, Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes And she’s gone, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, in the style photorealistic psychedelic Art from the 1960s, epic album covers, beautifully color-coded, –ar 16:9 –v 5

22. Rainforest Tribe


For those who want their Midjourney prompts to look best, you can include various keywords including styles, aspect ratios, and even camera lenses.

a wide-angle shot from above of an indigenous woman standing on a Mesoamerican pyramid, wearing a head scarf with many feathers like a natural Diadem dissolving with her head, ready to strike, detailed tribal makeup, on the top of a Pyramide in a dense rainforest, view from above, intense lighting, intense focus as leaves are swirling around her, otherworldly creature, in the style of fantasy movies, photorealistic, shot on Hasselblad h6d-400c, Zeiss prime lens, bokeh like f/0.8, tilt-shift lens, feminine hero pose, neo-mosaic, Neo shamanism, psychedelic, Psy-trance Art, symmetrical balance, fantastical machines, alchemical symbols, serene faces, beautifully color-coded, intricate composition, digitally enhanced, detailed wildlife, –ar 16:9 –s 750 –v 5


Experiment with double exposures on a Fujifilm X-T4, capturing both the carousel and the surrounding park scenery in a single image, using a 35mm lens for a wider perspective. Play with different exposure settings and shutter speeds to create a dynamic and surreal composition. –q 2 –s 750 –v 5

24. The Earth Element


film still, earth elemental in the form of a magical ethereal human who harnesses the power of nature in the form of earth, nature, rocks, and soil, dramatic lighting, clear imagery, crisp, ominous –s 750 –v 5 –ar 5:3

25. Chameleon

If you want to output national geographic level beauties, use this Midjourney prompt to do so.

High nation-geographic symmetrical close-up portrait shoot in the green jungle of an expressive lizard, anamorphic lens, ultra-realistic, hyper-detailed, green-core, jungle-core –ar 16:9 –q 2 –v 5


And these are some of the best midjourney prompts we found while experimenting with the AI art generator ourselves. As you can already tell, no two images are the same. While some images have been made with Midjourney V5, others have been created using Niji mode (Anime and character-specific model).

Midjourney is also extremely capable of creating artworks that require prompts as long as paragraphs to a simple five-word one that brings the ocean to your door. Depending on what you want your AI art to look like, feel free to fully mix and match until you get that masterpiece. And once you have it, keep refining it using these best Midjourney prompts.

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