Investigation Launched as Tesla Model Y Steering Wheels Detach During Operation

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Investigation Launched as Tesla Model Y

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has been making waves in the auto industry with its innovative and eco-friendly vehicles. One of its latest models, the Tesla Model Y, has been making headlines for a rather concerning reason – steering wheel detachment during operation. This issue has led to an investigation being launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

History of Tesla:

Before delving deeper into the issue of steering wheel detachment, it is important to understand the history of Tesla. Founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, Tesla has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. Its first vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, was introduced in 2008, and since then, the company has been on a mission to make electric vehicles accessible to the masses.

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The Tesla Model Y:

The Tesla Model Y was introduced in March 2019 as a compact crossover SUV. It was touted as a more affordable alternative to the Tesla Model X and was designed to compete with other popular crossover SUVs like the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

Model Y

The Model Y is equipped with advanced features like autopilot, which allows the car to drive itself on highways and navigate traffic. It also boasts impressive performance, with a top speed of 150 mph and a range of up to 326 miles on a single charge.

Steering Wheel Detachment:

Despite the impressive features of the Tesla Model Y, the issue of steering wheel detachment has raised concerns among owners and potential buyers alike. According to reports, the steering wheel on some Model Y vehicles has come loose while the car was in operation, posing a serious safety hazard.

Model Y

The NHTSA has received at least 43 complaints regarding the issue, with many owners reporting that the steering wheel detached completely from the car. This has led to several accidents and near-misses, with drivers losing control of their vehicles due to the steering wheel malfunction.

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The investigation by NHTSA:

In response to these reports, the NHTSA has launched an investigation into the matter. The agency will be examining the design and manufacturing of the steering wheel in the Tesla Model Y to determine the root cause of the problem.

Model Y

Tesla has stated that it is cooperating with the investigation and is working to address the issue. However, the company has also faced criticism for its slow response to the problem and its reluctance to issue a recall.

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Potential Impact on Tesla:

The issue of steering wheel detachment in the Tesla Model Y could have serious implications for the company. Tesla has already faced scrutiny over its safety record, with several high-profile accidents involving its vehicles in recent years.

If the NHTSA investigation finds that the problem is widespread and indicative of a larger design flaw, it could lead to a recall of all Model Y vehicles. This would be a costly and damaging blow to Tesla’s reputation, which has been built on its innovative and cutting-edge technology.


The issue of steering wheel detachment in the Tesla Model Y is a concerning one that has raised questions about the safety and reliability of the company’s vehicles. While the investigation by the NHTSA is ongoing, it is clear that Tesla must take swift action to address the issue and restore confidence in its products.

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow and evolve, it is imperative that companies like Tesla prioritize safety and quality in their designs. The success of the industry as a whole depends on the trust of consumers, and incidents like this only serve to erode that trust.

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