AMD drivers caused a flurry of complaints: PCs won’t boot after installation

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AMD Introduction:
AMD has recently released a new driver for its Radeon graphics cards, but it appears that the update has caused numerous issues for PC users. Many users have reported that their PCs will not boot after installing the driver, leading to a flurry of complaints on various forums and social media platforms. The issues have affected users of different operating systems and hardware configurations, and it has left many people frustrated and searching for solutions.

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  1. The new AMD driver update:
    AMD is a popular manufacturer of graphics cards and processors, and its Radeon graphics cards are used by millions of PC gamers and professionals around the world. The company regularly releases driver updates to improve performance, fix bugs, and add new features to its graphics cards.

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On January 11, 2022, AMD released a new driver update, version 22.1.1, for its Radeon graphics cards. The update was available for Windows and Linux users and supported various Radeon graphics cards. According to AMD, the update was intended to bring performance improvements and optimizations to certain games.

  1. Reports of PCs failing to boot:
    Soon after the release of the new driver, reports began to emerge from users who had installed the update and found that their PCs would not boot. The issue has affected users with different hardware configurations, operating systems, and graphics cards. Some users reported seeing a blank screen or a blue screen of death (BSOD), while others experienced crashes or freeze during the boot process.

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The issue gained attention on various forums and social media platforms, with many users expressing frustration and anger over the issue. Some users reported losing important data and files due to boot failure.

  1. Causes of the boot failure:
    The exact cause of the boot failure is still unclear, and AMD has not provided any official statement on the issue. However, some users have reported that the problem may be related to compatibility issues between the new driver and certain hardware or software configurations. Others have suggested that the issue may be related to conflicts with other drivers or software installed on the system.

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It is also possible that the issue may be related to the installation process itself. Some users have reported that the installation process of the new driver may have been interrupted or failed, leading to the boot failure issue.

  1. Potential solutions and workarounds:
    The boot failure issue has left many users frustrated and searching for solutions. Some users have reported success in fixing the issue by uninstalling the new driver and reverting to the previous version. Others have suggested that disabling secure boot or performing a system restore may help to resolve the issue.

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However, these solutions may not work for all users, and they may require some technical knowledge and experience. Additionally, some users have reported that these solutions may cause other issues or errors, and they may not be a permanent fix for the problem.

  1. AMD’s response to the issue:
    AMD has not yet provided any official statement on the boot failure issue. However, the company has a dedicated support team that is working to address the complaints and provide assistance to affected users. AMD’s community forum has also been active with users sharing their experiences and possible solutions.

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Some users have reported that they have received assistance from AMD’s support team, while others have reported little or no response from the company. The lack of an official statement from AMD has also left many users frustrated and concerned about the issue.

  1. Conclusion:
    The new AMD driver update has caused significant issues for many PC users, with reports of boot failures and other problems. While the exact cause of the issue is still unclear, many users have reported success in resolving the issue by reverting to the previous driver version or performing other workarounds.

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It is important for users to exercise caution when installing new drivers or updates and to be aware of the potential risks and issues that may arise. Additionally, users should always back up important data and files before making any changes to their systems.

AMD’s response to the issue has been limited, but the company’s support team and community forum have been working to provide assistance and gather information. It is important for AMD to provide an official statement on the issue and to work to resolve the problem as soon as possible to prevent further frustration and damage to users’ systems.

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